• Services

    Primary Areas of service are: Articulation delays, Receptive and Expressive language as well as language-based learning disabilities. While a play based approach is used for younger clients, Simply Speaking uses methods that are tailored to each individuals needs. Parents and caregivers are welcomed and encouraged to become an active participant in therapy sessions.

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    Articulation Delays

    The typical production of speech sounds characterized by sound substitutions, omissions, additions, or distortions that may interfere with speech intelligibility.


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    Receptive Language

    The ability to understand spoken and sometimes written language. Students will also have difficulty with speech and organizaing their thoughts which creates problems in communicating verbally with others and organizing their thoughts on paper.


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    Expressive Language

    Affects the communication of thoughts using spoken and sometimes written language. It involves difficulty with language processing centers of the brain.

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    Language-Based Learning Disabilities

    Affect age appropriate reading, spelling, and/or writing, including dyslexia.